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Higher Education

Based in Melbourne

CRICOS Registered

Capacity 300+

One Bachelor Degree

Fully Operational

Asking Price: Circa $7.9M

Our Ref: H103

Govt. Funded x 4

WA Funding x 3

VIC Funded x 4

Multi-State Funded x 1

$1M - $4M+ Turnover

Off-market Sales

Asking Price: $1M-$4.5M

Our Ref: Various


New Registration

Capacity - to be advised

Project Management

No current students

Based in Melbourne

Asking Price $259,000

Our Ref: C426

Domestic RTO

 New Registration

No fixed lease

Course materials supplied.

Clean compliance


Asking Price $118,000


Our Ref: R171


Whilst Group One Business Sales is a registered Real Estate Agent and REIV member, its parent company is a Marketing, Governance, and RTO Compliance consultancy. 

Our approach is to utilise 20+ years of Marketing experience to sell RTOs and other businesses. We do not use unscrupulous real estate agent practices. Transparency, honesty, and ethical conduct underpin our relationship with Vendors and Buyers. 

The key information that buyers seek to review are the past 3 years' financials, current customer profiles (or student numbers by course), quality and compliance evidence, funding information if relevant and details of current lease arrangements. It is critical that Vendors are open and transparent with buyers and do not mislead or misrepresent their business operations, company structure/s, staffing arrangements or financial situation.

Time to Buy - CRICOS 

Demand for CRICOS RTOs emerged from the COVID slump, followed by optimism after the borders opened. Enthusiasm was then snuffled by the backlog of Visa approvals and the wait for Overseas Students to arrive.

This has impacted the sales price of CRICOS RTOs. In early 2022, prices were high aligned with positive expectations. They have since declined considerably to a level that represents the pre-COVID 5-year medium. 

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