Designers Looking at the Computer

Construction, Hospitality, Rural Ops, Community Services, Education Support, Hospitality, Business & Management

Registration until the end of 2022

In Coastal Qld. Fully Operational 

Seasoning Meat

CRICOS with funding, Cooking & Hospitality + Security

Domestic RTOs include - Pharmacy, Security, Childcare, IT Building, WHS, Tiling, Leadership,

Building, First Aid 

Construction Workers

Very well run RTO 

Civil Construction

Landscape Construction

Dip Leadership

Traffic Management Skill Sets

Registered until Nov 2024

Students in Classroom

RTOs with Funding & CRICOS

Long Registration

Long trading history, Funding in WA, campuses in 3 Staes, long registration.

20+ qualifications, large CRICOS capacity, fully operational with current students


Recent Sales

This year has seen an increase in sales with several RTOs selling the moment we list them. There is a strong preference for Domestic RTOs with low delivery numbers and low turnover. 

Any RTO with Government Funding has sold very quickly; particularly those in Victoria. We are also surprised by the interest in high-end RTOs in all sectors and those with trade qualifications and skillsets. We have seen strong interest in RTOs with multi-million dollar price tags, with each attracting several discrete buyers. 

Computer Learning

Off-Market Listings

Off-market listings are popular amongst the higher-end RTOs. Owners are attracted to the high demand for training businesses but often do not wish to advertise their RTO for sale. We have an increased number of buyers looking to complement their existing business with fully operational RTOs in all sectors: CRICOS, Funded and Domestic. Our list of prospective buyers is increasing every day and is exceeding our listings. Our off-market business is growing exponentially and has surpassed our advertised listings.

Networking Group

Sales Trends

Will the borders be open by the end of the year, or earlier, or later? Everyone has an opinion and many buyers are banking on their calculated timeframe. Some buyers are holding off hoping that CRICOS RTOs will drop in price. However, our observation and research indicates that most CRICOS owners are surviving and will not sell cheaply, if at all. Prudent buyers are purchasing domestic RTOs and adding CRICOS and suitable qualifications ready for the anticipated flood of students into the country.